RYA Shorebased Navigation Courses with BUTESAIL at the Turner House

Why not complete an RYA Shorebased Theory course at the Turner House, an ideal place to study, located on the tranquil shores of Stongfjorden, there are walks from the door. Partners are welcome.

Basic Navigation and Safety

A weekend introduction for new, inexperienced or rusty skippers and crew.

Day Skipper Shorebased

A comprehensive introduction to cruising for new and inexperienced skippers, this course is ideally completed between Competent Crew and Day Skipper Practical Courses over 5 days.

Coastal Skipper / Yachtmaster Shorebased

Advanced training for more experienced skippers building on the Day Skipper course, ideally completed between Day Skipper and Coastal Skipper Practical Courses over 5 days.

Yachtmaster Ocean

Unravel the mysteries of astro navigation, the use of a sextant and deriving your position, ocean passage making, worldwide meteorology and electronic navigation aids, although gps has made ocean passages much easier there is still satisfaction to be gained by navigating by the stars and who knows when the satellites may fail!. Over 5 days

Tailor Made Courses

We’re happy to provide a course and schedule to suit your needs.

Costs are inclusive of meals, accommodation and course material. All you have to do is get here.