Flights to Bergen

From Gatwick  : Norwegian

From Heathrow : British Airways

From Manchester, Edinburgh : Norwegian

From Edinburgh, Aberdeen : Wideroe or SAS

From regional airports via Amsterdam : KLM

via Copenhagen : SAS

 Flights to Oslo

From Gatwick :  Norwegian

From Heathrow : British Airways

From Liverpool, Stansted, Glasgow (Prestwich) : Ryanair

        Nb RyanAir fly to Oslo Torp which is some 2 hrs south of Oslo

            or Oslo Rygge whch is 1 hr south of Oslo on the west side of the Oslo Fjord

        Oslo’s main airport Guardamoen, is 45 mins North of Oslo

Bergen - Stongfjorden / Floro

Fast Catamaran from Bergen to Askvoll : Norled

Flight from Bergen to Førde : Wideroe

Flight from Bergen to Floro : wideroe

       * transport can be arranged (by request) to Stongfjorden,

Oslo - Stongfjorden

Train from Oslo to Bergen :   Then as above from Bergen

Flight from Oslo to Førde : Wideroe

Bus from Oslo to Førde : Nettbuss    Stops at the airport

Getting here is really easy, The Airport shuttle bus (Flybussen), which is just by the airport exit, stops by the harbour at the Fish Market (Fisketorgen) / Tourist Information.  The Express boat Terminal is just 2 minutes walk from that bus stop.The Express Boat runs twice a day on weekdays, once at weekends from Bergen stopping at Askvoll (close to Stongfjorden).  Should you arrive in Oslo there are domestic flights to Førde or take the spectacular train journey from Oslo to Bergen. The harbour is less than 10 minutes walk from the rail / bus station.  Alternatively, you may wish to overnight in Bergen, which is a lovely city with lots going on.  Go on, be adventurous.