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2021 Program in Norway

Corona Virus

It is an unknown presently what lies in store for 2021, hopefully things will be back to normal. With that in mind and that it was possible to run courses/cruises in Norway in the summer of 2020, we are offering the following summer programme

Arctic Explorer Cruises

An opportunity to explore further north along the spectacular Norwegian West Coast.in 6 / 8 day legs each covering around 300 400/nm, an average of 50 nm  per day. The cruises are ideal for all levels from beginners to seasoned sailors, providing an opportunity to plan passages and then complete them, helming and crewing plus millebuilding or just enjoying the scenery and doing some fishing. Most nights will be spent alongside with facilities available.The cruise from Bodø - Bodø explores some of the beautiful place in the Lofoten Isles.We will cross the Arctic circle on the penultimate leg, Rørvik - Bodø and in June you will experience “The land of the midnight sun”, in other words the sun never goes below the horizon, so its light all the time. It is possible to complete an RYA Day Skipper or Coastal Skipper Course but we would have to add on some extra time to ensure all necessary elements are completed, there will an small extra charge for this.


             Stongfjorden/Askvoll - Florø             29th May

             Florø - Rorvik                     30th May - 6th June     8 days              £750 / NOK 7950

             Rørvik - Bodo                       9th - 14th June         6 days              £650 / NOK 6950

             Bodo - Bodø  (Lofotens)        17th - 22nd June        6 days              £650 / NOK 6950

             Bodø - Bodø (Lofotens)         25th - 30th June        6 days              £650 / NOK 6950

             Bodø - Kristiansund              3rd - 10th  July          8 days              £750 / NOK 7950

             Kristiansund - Florø              13th - 18th July         6 days              £650 / NOK 6950

             Florø - Stongfjorden/Askvoll             19th July

            All starting/ending ports have airports close by with flights to/from Oslo and other major cities www.wideroe.no

Afloat costs include meals except any taken ashore

Bedding / Sleeping Bags are provided

RYA Courses may be incorporated with our cruises at a small extra cost